We were promised fusion

Inside the race to get the first nuclear fusion reactor on the power grid. [Read More]

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Now Playing: Watch this: Dear Future: Nuclear fusion energy and the race to create…For the entirety of recorded history, humans have worshipped nuclear fusion.
Nuclear fusion power plants could end our dependency on fossil fuels and provide a virtually limitless, highly efficient source of clean energy.
It ended up being a more difficult problem than any of the fusion pioneers in the early twentieth century anticipated, which led to a running joke among nuclear physicists: fusion is always 30 years away.
The researchers at General #Fusion, however, are not content to keep waiting for fusion and are actively attempting to harness fusion energy for a practical power plant.
Our fusion future is coming, but, we just don't know when.

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Our fusion future is coming (a “star in a jar”), but only in a few decades. #Fusion #Energy #Trend

Source: Cnet