To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells

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In a 2011 study, the team found that eliminating these 'senescent' cells forestalled many of the ravages of age.
Now biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are keen to test drugs—known as senolytics—that kill senescent cells in the hope of rolling back, or at least forestalling, the ravages of age.
“We were not sure if they were doing something important.” Despite self-disabling the ability to replicate, senescent cells stay metabolically active, often continuing to perform basic cellular functions.
Senescent cells have also been identified in the placenta and embryo, where they seem to guide the formation of temporary structures before being cleared out by other cells.
Senescent cells will probably need to be cleared only periodically—say, once a year—to prevent or delay disease.

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An anti-ageing elixir is about to be tested on humans, after successful tests on mice. #Healthcare #Trend

Source: Scientific American