Augmented reality glasses could be Apple's iPhone killer

Apple is reportedly working on an augmented reality headset as its next big device — potentially a replacement the iPhone [Read More]

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Just days after its most expensive iPhone debuted — Apple hit with a new device, one meant to usurp iPhone's place at the top of the company's phone chain.
Think about that: Apple didn't invent the personal computer, nor a small music device or even a handheld phone.
So when rumors swirl about Apple developing an augmented reality device — it's worth paying attention.
The Apple Watch 3 is the first product that can access apps from our iPhone without our smartphone anywhere near us — and make and take calls.
The Apple Watch 3 lets us put down our iPhone — and still run apps and make calls.

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Augmented Reality is an opportunity to take data out of a box, and into our space. #AR #Quote #Trend

Source: Gearbrain