The Future Of Energy Isn't Fossil Fuels Or Renewables, It's Nuclear Fusion

It's not about a war on coal or solar and wind. It's about arbitrarily scalable, pollution-free power. [Read More]

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There is a long-term solution, though, that overcomes all of these problems: nuclear fusion.
And that's a fear that's not wholly without foundation, when it comes to nuclear fission.
In 1952, the United States detonated Ivy Mike, the first demonstrated nuclear fusion reaction to occur on Earth.
Magnetic fields confine a superheated plasma of fusible material, and nuclear fusion reactions occur inside a Tokamak-style reactor .
Instead of trying to trigger fusion with heat or inertia, subcritical fusion uses a subcritical fission reaction — with zero chance of a meltdown — to power a fusion reaction.

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Nuclear Fusion as a power source has never been given the necessary funding to develop it to fruition, but it’s the one physically possible solution to our energy needs with no obvious downsides. #Nuclear #Fusion #Energy #Trend

Source: Forbes