The Inevitability Of Augmented Reality HMDs

If you were halfway to work and you realized you left your cell phone at home, would you turn around to get it even if it meant you'd be late? [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

It is strange to see the old movies and TV shows where characters use landline phones, especially pay phones.
Better learners, better workers, better able to reach our potential.
I always thought VR meditation was utter new age bullshit, but when Maes showed how we can use brainwaves to levitate and move objects in a 3D digital world, I shed my cynical disbelief.
Most mobile phones already do a form of augmented reality, expressed in the simplest form, with stickers and filters that can be mingled with the real world.
Of course, this reality may not make us happier, but it will make what we already do better and faster.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Mankind will be augmented. We will merge with machines to become cyborgs. Always on. Always connected. Continuously updated. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s already happening. It cannot be stopped. #AR #Trend

Source: Forbes