AI is the next phase of human evolution

I think we’re missing the bigger picture when it comes to #AI. Once again humanity tricked itself into thinking that this time, it’s the end. That the looming technological revolution will take over our jobs and wipe us off the face of the earth. It’s not surprising, though. Do you like good gadgets? Those sweet cool […] [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

It was a distinctive feature of about every technological shift that we went through in the modern era.
In fact, every single technological revolution has lead to growth in prosperity, living standards, social equality, and other positive impacts.
However, we’ve reached a point in time where our biological evolution can’t keep up with the pace of change.
It’s the biggest shift in human evolution since the dawn of time that will change who we are as a species for good.
But we have never faced a technology that would challenge human cognition, the core of our identity.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Artificial Intelligence will not replace humans; but it will integrate into our cognition. Our evolution will shift from biological to technological: it’s not the computer, but the human who will become super intelligent. #AI #Trend

Source: The Next Web