3 ways to teach robots right from wrong

Producing a 'good samaritan robot' could mean finally defining what humans have failed to agree on for millennia – how to define morality. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Based on our experiences in machine learning, we believe there are three ways to begin designing more ethically aligned machines:1.
Define ethical behaviourAI researchers and ethicists need to formulate ethical values as quantifiable parameters.
If #AI systems make mistakes or have undesired consequences, we cannot accept “the algorithm did it” as an adequate excuse.
We believe that these three recommendations should be seen as a starting point for developing ethically aligned #AI systems.
Failing to imbue ethics into #AI systems, we may be placing ourselves in the dangerous situation of allowing algorithms to decide what’s best for us.

Opinion… * Man-Made

The state of Artificial Intelligence research requires us to finally define morality and to quantify it in explicit terms. Engineers cannot build a “good samaritan #AI”, as long as they lack a formula for the good samaritan human. #Trend

Source: World Economic Forum