The future of work: Technology, jobs and augmented intelligence

Work is in flux, with artificial intelligence and automation imposing rapid change. Here's what this technological disruption means for the future of work. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Technology is imposing rapid change, and the rise in automation capabilities and artificial intelligence are the chief catalysts.
I appreciate why there’s anxiety, but if we look at history as a predictor of the future, this simplistic idea that ‘technology steals jobs’ is unfounded.
This automation will clear a path for a new world of augmented intelligence, aided by the very technology people are fearful of.
In a snapshot, the future world of work looks like:The rise of the independent workerAlso having a big impact on the future of work is the rise of the independent worker.
If you're learning new skills, expanding your capability and seeing new possibilities, then uncertainty around the future of work becomes your friend.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Over the course of history, technology has enabled a smarter, more capable breed of worker. There’s no evidence that the technological revolution we’re currently navigating will be any different. #AI #Trend

Source: Salesforce Australia & Nz Blog