Artificial intelligence will enhance us, not replace us

As the UK considers the role of government in #AI, how will it impact job security? asks professor Henrietta Moore [Read More]

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Working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) throughout the 1970s and 1980s and having seen firsthand the remarkable advances in artificial intelligence pioneered there by Marvin Minsky and others, he forecast that a computer would pass the Turing test – the test of a machine's ability to match or be indistinguishable from human intelligence – between 2020 and 2050.
Kurzweil, now Google’s head of artificial intelligence, or #AI (an acronym with which we’ve all now become familiar), has subsequently refined his claim.
What’s more, in 2045 we will witness what he calls "the singularity" – the point at which human and artificial intelligences merge, leading to exponential advances in technology and human capabilities.
China’s output of academic papers on artificial intelligence overtook the 28 EU countries combined for the first time last year.
Kurzweil said recently that #AI will enhance us, not replace us.

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Kurzweil said recently that #AI will enhance us, not replace us. His predictions have often been right – but does that mean we shouldn’t start planning now for this radically changed future? #Trend

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