HTC's latest VR investments include a brain control startup

HTC is continuing its quest to fund promising #VR startups, and its latest batch includes a few pushing the boundaries of what's possible in virtual spaces. The… [Read More]

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Other startups focus on everything from racing simulators and theme park rides to behind-the-scenes frameworks for multiplayer or #VR character animation.
The support brings Vive X's startup tally to more than 80 companies and gives a better picture of HTC's strategy.
Itwants to get its fingers in as many pies as possible to foster the #VR community at large and create a wider audience for its headsets.
Some of these startups could wind up supporting the competition as well, but HTC is clearly betting that it's worth the risk.

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HTC is continuing its quest to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Virtual Reality. The Vive X program is backing Neurable, the company that’s building a brain control system for the Vive headset. #VR #BrainUI #Trend

Source: Engadget