VR headset sales are slowly rising out of the doldrums

Lower prices lead to increased interest as PlayStation Move dominates sales. [Read More]

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As hardware prices come down and software offerings begin to catch up, though, the market for high-end #VR headsets is slowly creeping out of the doldrums.
Previous Canalys reports for 2017 have estimated 800,000 #VR units shipped in the second quarter and about 578,000 in the first quarter.
While regular seasonal variation could have something to do with that steady increase, this year's significant price drops for all three major #VR headsets likely played a larger role.
This is hardly explosive growth for a still-young #VR market, and the modest sales increase could be seen as disappointing given the price drops.
Still, it's better than seeing the nascent #VR market faddishly shrinking towards zero sales shortly after the early adopters get their units (see, for example, the Wii U and Ouya).

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Worldwide shipments for high-end, tethered #VR headsets exceeded 1 million shipments for the first time in the third quarter of 2017. #Trend

Source: Arstechnica