The Surgeon Who Wants to Connect You to the Internet with a Brain Implant

Eric Leuthardt believes that in the near future we will allow doctors to insert electrodes into our brains so we can communicate directly with computers and each other. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Where were the neural prosthetics?”It’s a topic that Leuthardt, a 44-year-old scientist and brain surgeon, has spent a lot of time imagining.
Leuthardt knows better than most that brain surgery is dangerous, scary, and difficult for the patient.
Schalk, Leuthardt, and others involved in the project believe they have found the little voice that we hear in our mind when we imagine speaking.
Importantly, the device can be used without brain surgery.
But he has learned through painful experience that elective brain surgery is a tough sell—not just with patients, but with investors as well.

Opinion… * Man-Made

It’s not inconceivable that in 20-years, everything in a cell phone could be put into a grain of rice. This could be put into your head, and would be able to perform the computations necessary to be a really effective brain-computer interface. #Trend

Source: Mit Technology Review