Why Apple’s acquisition of Shazam is important

#Apple’s purchase of #Shazam might not be as splashy (or as expensive) as its $3.2 billion Beats buy, but it means much more to the iPhone. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG #Shazam could let #Apple implement a “Now Playing” feature on the next iPhone.
If #Apple could leverage its #Shazam acquisition to build some serious smarts into HomePod, it could be a difference maker.
#Apple could use #Shazam to create personalized playlists right on HomePod, based on your listening habits and tastes.
Seeing is believingShazam may be a household name when it comes to song identification, but the underlying technology has much broader application.
I think we’ll see a delineation between the #Shazam app on the Play Store and the App Store, as #Apple enhances its capabilities on iOS and adds exclusive features.

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#Apple is poised to leap into the #AI and #AR worlds with both feet, and #Shazam could be the perfect technology to vaults them back to the head of the class. #Trend

Source: Macworld