Amazon's Alexa can now wake you up with music instead of alarms

One of the greatest perks of connected speakers is waking up to whatever music you like, not just a buzzer or the radio. However, that hasn't been an option for… [Read More]

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You can name a song, playlist or genre, or ask to play any kind of music if you're not picky.
Naturally, there are a few perks if you use one of Amazon's music services.
You can ask #Alexa to wake you based on a mood (like "relaxing"), or find a wake-up song by reciting the lyrics.
This also makes all Echo models more directly competitive with rivals that have had music wake features for years, such as Sonos.
And let's face it: even if you're just using #Alexa on your phone, Amazon would rather be the one to start your day.

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#Alexa wake up music seems like a minor feature, but it’s going to make the Echo Spot a viable alarm clock on your nightstand. #SmartSpeaker #Trend

Source: Engadget