Oculus Chief Scientist Predicts the Next 5 Years of VR Technology

The annual presentation at Oculus Connect by Michael Abrash, Chief Scientist at Oculus, is always a highlight of the company’s annual developer event, projecting a forward-thinking and ever inspirational look at the future of virtual reality. This time, at Oculus Connect 3, he made some bold, specific predictions about the state of #VR in five […] [Read More]

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In addition, the current fixed depth of focus of current headsets should become variable.
But as it is so critical, Abrash believes it will be tackled in five years, but admits it has the highest risk factor among his predictions.
On controllers, Abrash believes hand-held motion devices like Oculus Touch could remain the default interaction technology “40 years from now”.
Most significantly, at the high end, #VR headsets will become wireless.
Not every aspect of this dream will come true in five years, he says, but Abrash believes we will be well along the path.

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Massive improvements in #VR hardware and software will make current headsets seem like something out of pre-history by 2021. #Trend

Source: Road To Vr