AR isn't a gimmick — it's a savior for local retail

When new technology platforms emerge, traditional retail typically gets disrupted — and often in painful ways. Consumers generally benefit from the added convenience and cost reductions from e-commerce in the short-term. However, the dominance of companies like Amazon has resulted in many retailers… [Read More]

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Fortunately, the next emerging tech platform, augmented reality (#AR), could result in a resurgence of in-person retail shopping.
I’ve interviewed several #AR influencers who discuss how the technology can reverse the implosion of retail and incentivize customers to physically visit shopping locations.
Reducing customer churnThe broader trend in retail, particularly among millennials, is a shift in focus from products toward experiences.
Hackl continues, “holographic #AR customer support wouldn’t just replace our current experience, but dramatically improve it, particularly if artificial intelligence (AI) is implemented as part of the experience.
If a company’s #AR tool doesn’t improve the user experience of its customers, it doesn’t make sense to invest in #AR.

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Augmented Reality allows customers to see an item in-store and then project it realistically back at home before finalizing the process by placing the order online. Such omnichannel experiences will help retailers avoid churn. #AR #Trend

Source: Venturebeat