Apps aren’t dead, they’ve just evolved

We used to measure an app’s success based on how long a user spent in it — but don’t even think in these terms any more (actually it's the opposite) [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

On a global scale, as more people around the world own mobile devices, the app economy is not just healthy, it’s booming.
And when users choose to spend 90 percent of their time in apps over web browsers, we are clearly still a world obsessed with apps.
However, we can’t pretend that these apps are the same as they were five or ten years ago.
Amid the rise of new technology — from chatbots to voice recognition to connected devices — apps aren’t being replaced, their function is evolving.
As apps begin to overlap, more and more companies have started integrating with other apps to increase their usage.

Opinion… * Man-Made

I need to revise my opinion; apps are alive and well. The difference is that now they simply come in new forms; increasingly built around #AI and integrated with other widely used apps. #AppFatigue #Trend

Source: The Next Web