These charts will change how you see the rise of AI

In an effort to keep pace with the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence, a group of experts created the first #AI Index. [Read More]

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The inaugural #AI Index begins by telling readers that “without the relevant data for reasoning about the state of #AI technology, we are essentially ‘flying blind’ in our conversations and decision-making related to #AI”.
Here are some of the index’s key findings:Interest in #AI is risingThe number of published academic papers featuring #AI has risen dramatically.
The number heading to Stanford, Berkeley, Georgia Tech and other US universities to study #AI has rocketed in the last decade.
And the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada have all seen growth in jobs requiring #AI skills, according to job site
The #AI Index says that while it covers a lot of ground, there are many other areas to be explored, such as chatbots, which are a burgeoning area of #AI.

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The field of Artificial Intelligence is moving so quickly that even experts are having trouble keeping up with developments. In an effort to provide a clearer picture of the state of #AI, this first index tracks activity and progress in the field. #Trend

Source: World Economic Forum