We Need To Talk About Magic Leap’s Freaking Goggles

Magic Leap finally has an actual product: the “Magic Leap One creator edition”. This is Augmented Reality that actually interacts with your environment. #MagicLeap #AR #Trend

Magic Leap finally did it. After $2 billion in funding and a few years of leaks, teases, and hints, Magic Leap finally has an actual product that someone has actually touched with their actual hands. Magic Leap announced the Magic Leap One Creator Edition as we all got to our desks this morning, and Rolling Stone quickly followed with a description of using the device. It’s a big wordy read, but it finally reveals exactly why the startup was able to get so much funding. This is augmented reality that actually interacts with your environment—it’s selling a whole new way of perceiving 3D virtual objects, and it requires some ugly ass goggles to do it. [read more]

Source: Gizmodo

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