Driverless cars became a reality in 2017 and hardly anyone noticed

There are now actual driverless cars on the roads in Phoenix. That’s a big deal. [Read More]

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But the reality is that driverless cars are here.
October saw Waymo launch a PR campaign focused on the Phoenix area touting the potential benefits of driverless cars.
Driverless car adoption will only accelerate in 2018Regardless of whether you want to say that driverless cars officially became a reality in 2017, what's clear is that work on the technology accelerated in 2017.
Uber has shown no sign of slowing down its own investment in driverless cars.
All of which means that—whatever you want to call them—there are more and more cars with driverless technology being tested on public roads.

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It seems most people still consider driverless cars to be a technology that’s coming some time in the future, not something that’s already present on public streets. #AutonomousVehicles #Trend

Source: Arstechnica