Five of the Coolest-Looking VR and AR Headsets, Apps, and More Coming in 2018

Get ready for wireless virtual reality, Harry Potter in #AR, and a Spielberg movie based on a hit novel about #VR. [Read More]

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That said, virtual reality and augmented reality advanced a lot in 2017, and there’s much more to come this year, including smartphone apps that bring beloved Harry Potter characters to life, wireless #VR headsets, and virtual vacations.
This is a list of the headsets, apps, and other cool #AR and #VR goodies that we are most looking forward to checking out in 2018.
You may not see it in the U.S., though; HTC has only announced plans to sell it in China thus far.
Magic Leap OneMagic LeapSecretive, massively funded (nearly $2 billion) Florida-based startup Magic Leap unveiled its first #AR headset, Magic Leap One, at the end of 2017, saying it will ship in 2018.
The game will be available for the HTC Vive, Oculus, and PlayStation #VR headsets.

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In 2018 you will see wireless #VR, a Spielberg movie based on a hit novel about #VR, and a #Niantic Harry Potter release in #AR (follow-up similar to “Pokémon Go”). #Trend

Source: Mit Technology Review