How quantum computing will change the world

We are on the cusp of a new era of computing, with Google, IBM and other tech companies using a theory launched by Einstein to build machines capable of solving seemingly impossible tasks. [Read More]

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If this is where quantum computing is now, such pictures imply, just try to imagine what’s coming.
We have become so accustomed to advances in computing being reflected in slimmer, faster laptops and bigger memories that quantum computing is often envisaged in the same terms.
It represents the first major shift in how computing is done since electronic computing devices were invented in the vacuum-tube-powered, steam-punk 1940s.
***One of the likely first big applications of quantum computing isn’t going to set the world of personal computing alight, but it could transform an important area of basic science.
That feat – performing calculations impossible by classical means – is a holy grail of quantum computing: a demonstration of “quantum supremacy”.

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The machines capable of solving seemingly impossible tasks: Quantum Computing. In 15 years, every major organisation will use this technology. #QuantumComputing #Trend

Source: Newstatesman