The Most Important Tech Trends Of 2018, According To Top VCs

From saving energy to helping humans help machines, this year’s investments will try to help startups make more progress in areas that already matter. [Read More]

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advertisementadvertisementFor this roundup, we talked to investors at eight leading firms that invest in a wide range of tech-related areas.
One thing that’s clear: 2018 doesn’t look like a year for breakout all-new technologies.
Rather, the VCs told us that they’re most interested in maturing, relatively safe investment areas.
Community-Based Businesses“It’s pretty clear that people are dealing with the effects of digital overload,” Barna says.
“More holistic, more on mental health, more on alternative practitioners, [like] acupuncture, or mind/body connections.” Blending The Physical And Digital“I don’t think the physical and digital are going to be so segregated.

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In 2018 VCs are not looking for new technologies, but are most interested in maturing, relatively safe investment areas: targeted social networks, e-sports, autonomy, specialized Artificial Intelligence, mixed reality, cryptocurrency, etc. #Trend

Source: Fast Company