Astronauts Have Identified Unknown Microbes in Space For The First Time

Wheresoe'er humans roam, there you will also find microbes. It's just a fact of life – we contaminate everything we touch. [Read More]

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Which means, hundreds of kilometres above the Earth, there are trillions of bacteria predicted to be living on the International #Space Station.
They've identified microbes aboard the space station for the very first time.
Previously, the only way to identify microbes on the International #Space Station was to send them back to Earth for testing.
To do this, Whitson used petri dishes to collect samples from various surfaces around the space station.
"Right away, we saw one microorganism pop up, and then a second one, and they were things that we find all the time on the space station," Wallace said.

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We are now able to identify and analyse unknown microbes on board of the International Space Station (without sending them to Earth first), but we haven’t found any alien microbes yet. #Space #Trend

Source: Sciencealert