Facebook Engineer Asserts That Augmented Reality Will Replace Smartphones in 5 Years

AR glasses will be the new smartphone very soon. [Read More]

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In Brief At Facebook's developer conference last week, Oculus Research predicted that AR glasses would replace smartphones in the near future.
The ability to augment reality is just one of the futuristic technologies Facebook is working on.
According to Michael Abrash, chief scientist at Facebook-owned Oculus Research, super augmented reality (AR) glasses could replace smartphones as the everyday computing gadget in the next five years.
“Those glasses will offer [virtual reality], AR, and everything in between, and we’ll use them all day.”If Facebook’s Oculus team has any say, these super AR glasses would be capable of far more than just augmenting reality.
After that, it’ll be on to combining these AR glasses with BCI, and that’s a truly high-tech future worth waiting for.

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The move from handset to headset is confirmed by the engineers at Facebook, and predicted to start as soon as 2023 (reaching mass adoption by 2038). #SmartGlasses #Trend

Source: Futurism