Here Are the 7 Top Tech Trends to Watch in 2018, According to CES

From autonomous vehicles to digital personal assistants, here are the top tech trends unveiled today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. [Read More]

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The first Media Day of CES 2018 kicked off in Las Vegas today, rich with presentations from exhibitors on what's to come in tech in the foreseeable — and at times, somewhat distant — future.
But on a higher level, core industry trends and patterns were presented today at the 2018 Tech Trends to Watch session, given by the Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) senior manager of market research Lesley Rohrbaugh, as well as senior director of market research Steve Koenig.
There, #AI technology like machine learning lends itself to the ability to recognize user preferences and behavioral patterns.
#Voice: The Fourth Sales ChannelThe CTA's research has shown that one in four shoppers used voice assistants in their holiday shopping during the 2017 season.
According to the CTA's research, users have a growing amount of trust in this technology being used for such personal data as medical information.

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The Top #CES2018 Trends: #5G, Artificial Intelligence (#AI), #Robotics, #Voice (the 4th sales channel), Facial Recognition (on the go), Virtual / Augmented Reality (#VR / #AR) and Smart Cities. #Trend

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