22% Of Amazon Echo And Google Home Owners Shop By Voice; Sales Doubled In 2017

#Voice is the preferred methodology for certain tasks, and it isn't hard to understand why. [Read More]

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Smart speaker sales in the U.S. doubled last year, according to a new report from the company.
And more and more of us are using voice to buy products.
"22% of voice assistant owners reported that they shop using voice commands (e.g., re-orders, shopping lists)," says Adobe.
"Driven by consumer demand, as well as a cultural shift in the comfort level with using voice commands, the underlying voice recognition technology will continue to improve."
Only 16% of people feel uncomfortable when using voice commands in front of others, says Adobe.

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Smart Speaker sales are on the rise, and dominated #CES2018. A new study shows that consumers are getting used to talking to technology (including in public), and more and more are using their voice to buy products. #AI #SmartSpeaker #Voice #Trend

Source: Forbes