AI rips objects from video and reimagines them in 3D AR

A pair of developers are creating an #AI capable of reading a 2D image and then reimagining it as a 3D object in #AR. And yes, it works with movies. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

There’s an #AI capable of teleporting John Travolta and Uma Thurman into your living room and forcing them to dance for you.
The machine takes a 2D image, like the dance scene from Pulp Fiction, and reimagines it in augmented reality as a 3D object.
This experiment, is one of a few we are conducting at the moment, which illustrate the power of being able to reconstruct 3D scenes from 2D images.
Once the network processes the pixels and information, it tries to reproduce the 2D images as realistically as possible in #AR.
If Volume’s #AI can get past the nausea-inducing blurs and wobbles, VR and #AR enthusiasts are going to love this.

Opinion… * Man-Made

The power of #AI and #AR combined: a Artificial Intelligence solution taking a 2D image, and reimagines it in Augmented Reality as a 3D object. #Trend

Source: The Next Web