Innovation summit separates AI hype from reality

The role of artificial intelligence (#AI) and other disruptive technologies in risk, compliance and financial services was discussed at the recent F&R Summit in Toronto. The event featured deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton and Ken Beer of Amazon Web Services. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Artificial intelligence (#AI) and other disruptive technologies came under the spotlight in a series of thought-provoking sessions at our annual Financial & Risk Summit in Toronto.
Meet your regulatory obligations and make informed decisions with World-CheckAI and big dataThe next session sought to separate the hype from reality in #AI technology.
Will #AI drastically alter the landscape of financial risk management?
Will these much-hyped innovations become critical to the practice of financial risk management?
Often, technology services are “stacked on each other” (i.e.

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The primary focus for #AI should currently be on starting with simple, elegant solutions to the “easiest pieces” and “low-hanging fruit,” while holding off on more advanced projects. #Trend

Source: Inside Financial & Risk