KBC K’Ching chatbot uses IBM Watson for authentic conversational interface

The chatbot interface is so authentic, users try to antagonize the person they think is behind it. Developers take this as a compliment. [Read More]

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Now I’ll share a little about how we developed our open chatbot with #Watson Conversation on the IBM Cloud.
For example, users can ask K’Ching to tell them a joke, tell a story, play a game or explain something.
The team asked KBC’s social media team for questions that youngsters had asked them.
The power of #Watson AIOne of the primary benefits of #Watson Conversation on the IBM Cloud is its business interface.
This means not only is the developer team free to work on other projects, but also the business team is empowered.

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The challenge(s) of developing an open chatbot for youngsters, using Watson Conversation. #KChing #Chatbot #Watson #NLP #NLU #Trend

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