Piccolo is building a gesture-based smart home ‘vision assistant’

Voice assistants may be the hottest thing since sliced bread when it comes to controlling your $60 Wi-Fi light bulbs, but Piccolo is launching out of the latest Y Combinator class with a desire to put a camera in every smart home that can translate your physical motions and gestures into commands. [Read More]

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From there, the Piccolo camera is basically looking to record your geometry through what’s called skeletal tracking — don’t worry it’s not using an X-ray or anything — which puts your movement into a model that tracks your body position.
From there, the device will know where you’re pointing your hand and can interface with the compatible smart home item.
Founders Marlon Misra and Neil Raina started studying the technologies behind Piccolo through an interest in self-driving cars.
This also means they have to build support for each smart home product they want to control.
It’s early days, but as computer vision advances bring new functionality to things like smart security cameras, there’s reason to see that the indoor camera could be the key to finding the full potential of the smart home assistant, as well.

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The evolution from “voice assistant”, to a gesture-based “vision assistant”. Can the indoor camera become the key to finding the full potential of the smart “home assistant”? #SmartHome #Technology #Trend

Source: Techcrunch