Mind-reading AI isn't sci-fi anymore… and it's just getting started

Japanese researchers are advancing efforts to produce to an #AI system capable of interpreting fMRI brain scans to determine what image a person was thinking about. Here we contemplate that future. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

Despite its overwhelming success, the human brain peaked about two million years ago.
A team of Japanese researchers recently conducted a series of experiments in creating an end-to-end solution for training a neural network to interpret fMRI scans.
The results it produced were interpretations of brain scans based on other images it’d seen.
The above images show what a human saw and then three different ways an #AI interpreted fMRI scans from a person viewing that image.
The scarcity of brain scans makes it a difficult process, but as you can see even a small sample data-set produces exciting results.

Opinion… * Man-Made

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t trust a polygraph, you’re definitely not ready for the Artificial Intelligence powered future where computers can tell what you’re thinking. #AI #Trend

Source: The Next Web