Sony's Xperia Touch already had an unusual interface. Now it's getting gesture controls

Sony's portable projector now can be controlled with in-air hand gestures thanks to EyeSight Technologies. Get ready to wave at your car dashboard by 2020. [Read More]

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On Monday, Sony and EyeSight plan to announce that the Japanese electronics maker has built the vision technology into an interactive portable projector called the Xperia Touch.
The addition of gesture control in the Xperia Touch shows that the tech industry is still hard at work trying to find a better, more natural way for us to interact with our devices.
EyeSight TechnologiesEyeSight is working with LG Electronics, which supplies some car computing technology, to build gesture recognition into vehicles.
But it's in the Xperia Touch today.
"There is such a strong pull from automotive space," and there's strong interested from connected digital devices in the home.

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The evolution of the Natural User Interface continues. The first devices are getting digital eyes in addition to digital ears. #NUI #Trend

Source: Cnet