Here’s how the best novels will be written by AI in the future

Bjorn Schuller says that #AI is already good at understanding and distributing text, but it currently lacks complex integration and emotional intelligence. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

However, these gaps are slowly becoming less of a gap, let's say.
But when it's merely coming to conversational skills and let's say creativity skills that I've just been talking about, creating new paintings, new poems, creating new solutions, there's probably not much headroom for the humans anymore these days.
The machines indeed might be able to replace a lot of what we do these days in these domains.
can also find new research topics itself, do them quite thoroughly, and yet, publish about those.
It can also write in appealing ways and come up with plots and other things that will be quite intriguing.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Artificial Intelligence is already starting to invent jokes and little poems. So one day #AI will definitely be able to write complete novels. #Trend

Source: Business Insider