How voice-assisted commerce is speaking up in retail

Virtual assistants are moving beyond customer service to e-commerce. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

For this reason, exploring how voice assistants can improve the customer experience is a core focus for many retailers right now.
However, the progress being made in voice technology, machine learning and natural language recognition in #AI is empowering a new shift towards voice-assisted e-commerce.
Amazon ‘Prime Now’ and #Alexa Voice Shopping also offer consumers further flexibility, choice and ease when it comes to purchasing or re-ordering items.
Moreover, the context of voice shopping is set to become more varied and sophisticated.
The investment in voice technology must begin with a deep understanding of customer needs and expectations and how voice commerce can augment or amplify existing omnichannel capabilities to provide differentiated value.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Conversational #AI is powering voice technology systems and be it #Alexa, #Siri or #GoogleHome, these platforms are enabling customers to interact with brands in ways that are not only convenient but also highly personalised and contextualised. #Trend

Source: It Pro Portal