Eye Tracking Is Coming to Virtual Reality Sooner Than You Think. What Now?

This week made it clear that the technology is racing into to our consumer immersive-tech devices. But with great power comes great responsibility. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

When I turned my head from side to side, so did the reflection—except her eyes stayed centered in their sockets.
I could look at the mirror out of the corner of my eye, but my avatar couldn't.
Tobii isn't the only eye-tracking company around, but with 900 employees, it may be the largest.
Eye-tracking has been a part of the #VR conversation for years; a company called FOVE even crowdsourced its own eye-tracking headset in 2015.
Watching not just what your eyes are doing, but where they look and for how long—in other words, tracking your attention.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Virtual Reality is pushing the Natural User Interface (#NUI) to the next level: from “to touch” and “to speak”, onto “to see”. The only interface still out of reach is “to think”. #VR #Trend

Source: Wired