10 retailers leading the way in AR

Ikea, Anthropologie and Lowe's are among those adopting the immersive tech as it quickly catches on, writes Michael Quoc, CEO and founder of Dealspotr. [Read More]

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Since the launch of Apple's ARKit just six months ago, over 13 million #AR apps have been downloaded from the app store.
Furniture: Ikea, Anthropologie and Lowe's Ikea made a name for itself as one of the early adopters of #AR app technology.
Online marketplaces: Amikasa, TapPainter and Amazon For brands who can't afford to build their own #AR app, online marketplaces serve a purpose.
With #AR, Adidas shoppers experience their sneakers in a new way that is delightful and cements loyalty to the brand.
"Thanks to #AR, online shoppers will now have the answers to: How will this piece look in my home?

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Augmented Reality is catching on. With its potential applications for social media and ecommerce, it’s no surprise that a quarter of brands are currently trying to figure out how to incorporate it. #AR #Trend

Source: Retaildive