A new startup wants to launch a luxury space hotel into orbit

Companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are aiming to carry tourists into space within the next few years. But, if these tourists want more than just a f… [Read More]

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If you want to pay for the privilege of staying at Aurora Station, it will cost you $9.5 million per person for 12 days.
That price is all-inclusive, and includes a three-month training program and transportation to and from the space station in low Earth orbit.
To reserve your place aboard Aurora Station, you can pay a (fully refundable) $80,000 deposit now.
Also, this isn't the only orbital space hotel that is currently in development.
While Orion Span certainly has lofty ambitions and plans, it seems the company doesn't quite have the "hows" of it all figured out.

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The company “Orion Span” announced that it wants to put its luxury space hotel “Aurora Station” into orbit in 2021, to begin receiving guests in 2022. #Space #Trend

Source: Engadget