Hearing aids are getting smarter. Think AI, motion sensors, health tracking

Traditional hearing aid makers and the likes of Bose and Harman are pouring resources into augmented hearing and "hearable" devices that do more than improve sound. [Read More]

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When Shannon Conn puts her hearing aids in her ears in the morning, a few things happen.
Sarah Tew/CNETThe Oticon hearing aids represents a growing crop of hearing assistance devices that are benefiting from an injection of technology.
Roughly 48 million Americans, or a fifth of the country, deal with some degree of hearing loss, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America.
The high cost and stigma meant that not all people with hearing loss actually wear hearing aids.
New hearing devices could pack in sensors for things like health tracking and fall detection and smarts for language translation.

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As hearing aids are getting smarter, “augmented hearing” is becoming a reality. The hearable devices will not only improve sound, but add intelligence and health tracking. #Mankind #AI #Trend

Source: Cnet