Space war is coming — and the U.S. is not ready

“We are now approaching a point where ‘Star Wars’ is not just a movie,” one government adviser warns. [Read More]

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War is coming to outer space, and the Pentagon warns it is not yet ready, following years of underinvesting while the military focused on a host of threats on Earth.
He added: “We have the Air Force, we’ll have the space force."
The Trump administration’s latest budget request seeks $12.5 billion for military space efforts — not including secret projects.
Gen. John Shaw, the director of strategic plans, programs, requirements and analysis at Air Force #Space Command, told reporters.
“How do we protect our space assets without creating the exact conditions for an arms race that leads to a war in space?” she asked.

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We are now approaching a point in history where “Star Wars” is no longer simply a movie. #Space #Trend

Source: Politico