AI chips are going to bring new brains to smart speakers, PCs, cars, and phones you can afford

Processors with artificial intelligence will spread from today's top-end phones to cars, PCs, security cameras, smart speakers and mainstream phones. [Read More]

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Enlarge Image GoogleYou've likely seen artificial intelligence technology spread into apps, devices and services, doing things like recognizing your friends' faces in photos and endowing smart speakers with human-sounding voices.
What #AI chips will enableTake internet-enabled security cameras, which today can burden your home network and broadband connection with a constant stream of video.
PCs can run #AI on the relatively high computing power of their main processors, but they'll get #AI chips too as more software arrives to use the technology, Gwennap predicted.
Now everybody wants to have neural network capabilities," said Synopsys marketing manager Gordon Cooper.
A brand-new laptop may not seem much faster than a model that's five years old, but with #AI chips, there may be a reason to upgrade again.

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The processors with integrated Artificial Intelligence chipsets will quickly start to spread in all technology… from today’s top-end phones to cars, computers, security cameras, smart speakers and finally even onto mainstream phones. #AI #Trend

Source: Cnet