10 Brands Already Leveraging the Power of Augmented Reality

10 brands already leveraging the power of augmented reality [Read More]

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French sportswear company Lacoste recently achieved a first in #AR, successfully combining 3D product scanning with its #AR app.
Lacoste's #AR app has not only enriched the retail experience, but also lessened the burden on in-store retail staff.
Tesco developed its own Tesco #AR Discover App, which helped bring Disney Frozen-branded products sold in Tesco stores to life.
During their recent EMA music awards show in London late last year, MTV released an #AR app that viewers could use while watching from home.
The NYT #AR app shows how the technology could be a game changer for media companies and brands related to sports.

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The forward looking brands, executives, and marketing teams are already utilizing Augmented Reality in a variety of ways to reach consumers in new, innovative, and increasingly immersive ways. #AR #Trend

Source: Inc.Com