Alexa will soon gain a memory, converse more naturally, and automatically launch skills

#Alexa will soon be able to recall information you’ve directed her to remember, as well as have more natural conversations that don’t require every command to begin with “#Alexa.” She’ll also be able to launch skills in response to questions you ask, without explicit ins… [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

With the memory update, arriving soon to U.S. users, #Alexa will be able to remember any information you ask her to, and retrieve it later.
A third advance arriving in the near future focuses on #Alexa’s skills.
There are so many out there, it’s becoming harder to surface them just by digging around in the #Alexa Skills Store.
In 2016, Echo was updated to allow users to enable new #Alexa skills by voice, and last year, #Alexa began suggesting skills in response to certain questions in limited scenarios.
With the new feature, now in beta testing, #Alexa will instead locate and launch skills for you.

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Skills arbitration, context carryover and a memory feature are early instances of a class of work #Amazon scientists and engineers are doing to make engaging with #Alexa more friction-free. #SmartSpeaker #AI #Trend

Source: Techcrunch