Month: May 2018

Meet The Duo Who Make Amazon Go

An interview with the duo who redesigned the neighborhood grocery as a cashier-free experience: #Amazon Go. #Trend Gianna Puerini and Dilip Kumar are the executives behind Amazon’s express checkout convenience store concept. [read more] Source: Fast Company

BMW Wireless Charging Station

The killer application of wireless electricity (#WiTriciy); a wireless charging station for your electric vehicles. This will become the standard way to charge your (electric) vehicle. #Energy #Trend Given that we now charge gadgets wirelessly and electric cars are basically… Read More ›


This is a very special time in space history; there is a convergence of technology, capital, and political will for space exploration. #Aerospace #LunarBase #Trend Space travel and commerce are being revolutionized by private industry. It is time for government… Read More ›