Android Things Gets Official 1.0 Release. Wait, What the Heck Is Android Things?

#Android Things was first shown off back at #Google I/O 2016, and now, two years later, #Google’s nebulous internet of things platform is finally getting an official release ahead of the 2018 edition of #Google’s annual developer conference. [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

So what is #Android Things, you ask?
But with #Android Things, #Google is aiming to provide a framework that allows #Google, not hardware developers, to be in charge of sending out new updates, which ensures that whenever a new security patch for #Android gets released, it will be sent to #Android Things devices immediately to prevent the weeks- or months-long waiting periods many #Android devices suffer from today.
The big news for #Android Things 1.0 is the release of new development kits like the #Android Things Starter Kit which features parts including a 5-inch multi-touch display, a camera module, and a wifi antenna for $200, or more affordable kits based on a Raspberry Pi 3 for $90.
And to help devs manage all those devices, #Google has also created an #Android Things Console that can apparently be controlled easily and securely from the cloud.
#Android Things should help expand the reach of the company’s ubiquitous OS, while potentially streamlining what remains a very fragmented #IoT landscape.

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#Android Things is… an #IoT optimised OS tuned to run well on low-powered devices, a selection of #Google-approved hardware kits, and a streamlined system for pushing new software and security updates to IoT devices. #Trend

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