Insurers will still be relevant in the future, even more than yesterday

The insurance sector is now seeing the same dynamics already experienced in many other sectors, including financial services: with startups and other tech firms innovating one or more steps of the value chain traditionally belonging to financial institutions. InsurTech has seen extremely important investments in the last years, and the word “disruption” is coming out […] [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

The insurance sector cannot stop this trend; it can only figure out how to deal with it.
Connected insurance is affecting the whole insurance value chain and generating real value for insurance P&L.
You can figure out the level of positive externalities generated by an insurance sector able to change behaviors and prevent risks.
In this way, the insurance carriers will stay relevant or will become more relevant than ever.
About the authorMatteo Carbone, Founder and Director, Connected #Insurance ObservatoryMatteo Carbone is founder and director of the Connected #Insurance Observatory and a global insurtech thought leader.

Opinion… * Man-Made

Connected Insurance (#IoT) will enable the #Insurance sector to assess, manage and transfer risks much better… making the sector more relevant then ever, and – as a bonus – increase the frequency of interaction with the customer. #Trend

Source: Enterprise Viewpoint