MIT Achieves Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

New experiments with helium-3 in a magnetic confinement tokamak have produced exciting results for the future of fusion energy, including a tenfold increase in ion energy. [Read More]

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Researchers operating fusion reactor experiments at MIT, along with partnered scientists in Brussels and the U.K., have developed a new type of nuclear fusion fuel that produces ten times as much energy from energized ions as previously achieved.
The nuclear fuel used in the Alcator C-Mod previously contained just two types of ions, deuterium and hydrogen.
The radio waves are calibrated to target just the less abundant material, in this case hydrogen ions.
"These higher energy ranges are in the same range as activated fusion products," said MIT fusion research scientist John C. Wright.
The MIT data from the Alcator C-Mod encouraged nuclear fusion researchers at JET to conduct experiments with the same type of fusion fuel.

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We are getting closer to cracking the code of revolutionising energy production using Nuclear #Fusion; with virtually endless power available from common elements like hydrogen and helium and no dangerous waste products produced as a result. #Energy #Trend

Source: Popular Mechanics