Microsoft turns SharePoint into the simplest VR creation tool yet

#Microsoft is sticking with its pragmatic approach to #VR with SharePoint spaces, a new addition to its collaboration platform that lets you quickly build and vie… [Read More]

Summary… * Machine-Made

"SharePoint spaces empower creators to build immersive experiences with point-and-click simplicity."
In a brief demonstration at #Microsoft's Build conference this month, SharePoint spaces seemed just as easy to use as PowerPoint.
You start with a blank project, choose a template for the type of #VR experience you'd like to make, and then drop in any relevant files.
#Sharepoint spaces is clearly just a first step for #Microsoft when it comes to creating Mixed Reality, but it could be a way for businesses to stand out as #VR headsets become mainstream.
Much like Paint 3D, #Microsoft's first stab at making 3D creation mainstream, #Sharepoint spaces is a glimpse at where we're headed.

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#Microsoft is convinced that #VR headsets will become mainstream, and takes a next stab at making 3D creation go big with the introduction of “Sharepoint Spaces”. #Sharepoint #SharepointSpaces #Trend

Source: Engadget