Dutch police are using AI to pick out the most solvable cold cases

Dutch police are using #AI to help solve cold case files. Using natural language processing, the system reduces case processing time from several weeks to a single day. [Read More]

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Dutch Police are using artificial intelligence to crack unsolved cases, according to The Next Web.
The national police force is working to digitize the more than 1,500 reports and 30 million pages of material in its cold case archive, only 15 percent of which is currently stored electronically.
“The goal is that the #AI can read cold cases we’re currently digitizing, and decide which ones contain promising evidence that could lead to solving the case.”The #AI will rank cases by “solvability” and highlight possible DNA evidence in cases.
The team plans to expand the automated analysis to other forms of forensic evidence, and potentially even non-forensic data like social sciences and witness statements.
One of its first successes is the Cold Case calendar, which recruits inmates in penitentiaries to supply tips that might help solve crimes.

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Dutch Police are teaching machines to do forensic screening; reducing case processing time from weeks to a single day. #AI #Trend

Source: Venturebeat