The strawberry-picking robots doing a job humans won't

Strawberry producers say labour shortages are driving them to find robotic fruit pickers instead. [Read More]

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The berry is left with only the calyx, which is the way European consumers are accustomed to buying their berries.
Image caption Strawberry picking is traditionally done by seasonal migrant workersIn the UK, the fall in the value of sterling following the EU referendum vote has made it increasingly difficult to recruit overseas workers.
NecessitySo producers will have to scale up robotic picking if they're to survive, many argue.
The Harvest Croo (Computerized Robotic Optimized Obtainer) uses paddles to gather up the plant's leaves to expose the fruit.
"People like to say if you paid them more they'd do the job, but it's just not true.

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Strawberry farmers say they are increasingly struggling to find people to do the work, so they need the robots! #Robots #Trend

Source: Bbcworld